Alextt Design, an agency like no other!

Use the services of a web agency like no other to create a fluid and dynamic website. This digital communication agency is expert in organic referencing and advertising on social networks.

Alextt Design accompanies you on your web projects

A Web agency accompanies you in the creation of modern and aesthetic site. It takes care of helping you to appear on the first page of Google to be well referenced. The agency takes care of the graphic creation, the Webdesign, the content writing and the ergonomics of a website. This digital expert assists you in several categories of projects.

He takes care of the creation of sites, graphics, content production and referencing. The webdesigner offers personalized and practical advice.

Range of services

A web agency helps you to accomplish new projects or a new activity. Thanks to the wide range of services, the agency helps you to launch a new concept. It provides realizations of the supports of comm’, web and print.

Web development

Web development

At the end of a web and mobile training, the candidate can choose to specialize.

Graphic and web design

Web designers and graphic design experts are interested in commercial companies.

Communication advice

A digital communication uses digital vector to spread the image of a company.

Impress & hook at the same time!

Attracting prospects

Graphic services

Talented graphic design team

The graphic design teams are able to give a visual identity to the existing communication media: packaging, advertising brochures and company logos. Its objective is to meet the requirements of its customers. This expert chooses the typography, the support, the colors…

Graphic charter

A graphic charter includes the visual elements of a brand or a company.

User experience

Customer service integrates the elements of a user experience. This notion appeared in the 90s.

Graphic creations

Images or visuals are an important medium of exchange for brands and Internet users.

A reactive team

The intervention of a reactive and motivated team allows us to bring a solution to our client. The communication agency sets up a website, such as, a custom portal, a communication strategy to develop your visibility.

Update of a graphic charter

Update of a graphic charter

Update a graphic charter by adding different elements such as: the logotype, pictograms, icons or mascots.

Submission of new sitemap

For Google to know the existence of the sitemap of a site, you must submit your new sitemap using the Search Console.

Semantic cocoon, SEO on-page, off-site SEO

SEO includes all techniques to optimize the positioning of a page in the SERP results. It is essential for the visibility of companies on the web. SEO is composed of several major pillars.

Page indexing

Content strategy

Choice of keywords

Off-site SEO

All digital technologies

The Internet of Things, electronic document management, SaaS, the cloud, Big Data and Analytics are among the most popular technologies that allow companies to support their digital transformation.

Angular JS

AngularJS is a free and open source futuristic framework.


WordPress is an ideal tool to build a website, like


Semrush is a tool with many useful features.